Augmented Reality

“Using Augmented Reality to Track Stimulus Spending”
How was the federal stimulus money spent? The nonprofit Sunlight Foundation will tell you how, using Layar’s app.

“Blended Reality: Superstructing Reality, Superstructing Selves”
If you know of other resources on this topic, please contact us at Report from the Institute for the Future considers how augmented reality will become an integral part of how we all view the world.

“How Journalists can Use Augmented Reality”
Statistics laid over sports games or background information displayed over key figures at a political gathering such as the G2 are two possibilities explored in The Guardian’s Digital Content blog.

“Seven Things you Need to Know About Augmented Reality”
The Guardian’s Digital Content blog highlights apps that offer information regarding transportation, Wi-Fi access, the food you’re buying, and a number of other subjects.

Augmented Planet: A Different View on Reality
A new blog by Lester Madden, a former manager at Symbian, Nokia and Skype.

“How The New York Times, Others Are Experimenting with Augmented Reality”
Publishers such as Esquire are diving into this new world, a Poynter blog reports.

“Augmenting Reality Through Journalism”
The Online Journalism Blog suggests ways that news organizations can “segue into actually doing journalism with augmented reality instead of merely offering it as dessert.”

“Contact Lenses for Superhuman Vision”
Researchers at the University of Washington have been developing contact lenses that will display augmented reality data directly over the wearer's field of vision.

“Blaise Aguera y Arcas Demos Augmented-Reality Maps”
In this presentation from TED2010, Microsoft's Bing Maps architect Blaise Aguera y Arcas shows how archival photos and live video can be overlaid on the map viewer.