Established in 1938, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard administers the oldest fellowship program for journalists in the world. More than 1,300 journalists of accomplishment from 92 countries and territories have received Nieman Fellowships and benefited from a year of study and exploration at Harvard University.

The Nieman Foundation also publishes the quarterly magazine Nieman Reports, the nation’s oldest magazine devoted to a critical examination of the practice of journalism. Additionally, the foundation is home to the Nieman Storyboard, an online exploration of narrative journalism, and the Nieman Watchdog Project, which encourages reporters and editors to monitor and hold accountable those who exert power in all aspects of public life.
In 2008, the foundation established the Nieman Journalism Lab, which aims to identify best practices in journalism and emerging business models at a time when the industry is experiencing rapid change. The project illustrates how new media tools can help print journalists successfully make the transition to digital journalism while maintaining high journalistic standards.
Throughout the year, the foundation presents a number of awards recognizing excellence in journalism and hosts a number of conferences for reporters and editors.
Since its inception, the mission of the Nieman Foundation has been “to promote and elevate the standards of journalism and educate persons deemed specially qualified for journalism.”