How to Apply

Please note that the application period for the 2013 Worth Bingham Prize has ended. Entries for work done in the current calendar year will be accepted starting in the fall of 2014. 

Entry Guidelines for 2014 
  • All Bingham Prize entries must be submitted electronically using our online application form.

  • All submissions must have been published in a U.S. newspaper or magazine or on the newspaper or magazine’s website during the 2014 calendar year. Web-based news organizations that follow a strict code of journalistic ethics and publish original reporting on a regular basis may also submit entries. No broadcast-only entries are allowed.
  • Entries may include a single story, a related series of stories, or up to three unrelated stories. Columns and editorials are eligible. Individuals are encouraged to submit their own entries.

  • In case of a series, at least half the individual stories must have been published during the contest year (2014).

  • All entries must be accompanied by a $50 entry fee, payable online.

The date appearing on the newspaper or magazine will determine the entry's eligibility in the contest year.

The judges' selection of the winner will be final and not subject to review by the Board of Trustees of the Fund.

Winners in any one year will be eligible for future awards without restriction.

For more information, contact prize coordinator Ellen Tuttle at 617-495-2342;