2013 Cynthia Hubert and Phillip Reese and colleagues
The Sacramento Bee
"Nevada Patient Busing"
2012 Sam Dolnick
The New York Times
Unlocked: Inside New Jersey’s Halfway Houses
2011 Michael Finnegan, Gale Holland and colleagues
Los Angeles Times
Billions to Spend
2010 Michael J. Berens
The Seattle Times
Seniors for Sale: Exploiting the aged and frail in Washington's adult family homes
2009 Raquel Rutledge
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Cashing in on Kids
2008 Jim Schaefer, M.L. Elrick
Detroit Free Press
A Mayor in Crisis
Honorable mention:
Ken Armstrong, Nick Perry
The Seattle Times
"Victory and Ruins"
2007 Dana Priest, Anne Hull
The Washington Post
Walter Reed and Beyond
2006 Lisa Chedekel, Matthew Kauffman
The Hartford Courant
Mentally Unfit, Forced to Fight
2005 Susan Schmidt, James V. Grimaldi, R. Jeffrey Smith
The Washington Post
Lobbying practices and influence of Jack Abramoff
Honorable mention:
Marcus Stern, Jerry Kammer
San Diego Union Tribune
The fall of Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham and congressional corruption
2004 Diana Henriques
The New York Times
Captive Clientele” – How insurance companies, investment firms and lenders have fleeced thousands of soldiers fighting for their country
2003 David Willman
Los Angeles Times
Stealth Merger: Drug Companies and Government Medical Research
Honorable mention:
Gannett New Jersey Staff
Profiting from Public Service: How New Jersey Legislators Exploit the System (series)
2002 Staff
The Boston Globe
Abuse in the Catholic Church
2001 Ken Armstrong, Steve Mills, Maurice Possley
Chicago Tribune
Cops and Confessions
Honorable mention:
Ben Raines
Mobile Register
Mercury taints seafood
2000 Michael Grunwald
The Washington Post
Series on Army Corps of Engineers
1999 Sang-hun Choe, Charles J. Hanley, Martha Mendoza, Randy Herschaft
The Associated Press
Series on No Gun Ri project
1998 R. G. Dunlop, Gardiner Harris
The Courier-Journal
Dust, Deception and Death” (series)
1997 Douglas Frantz
The New York Times
Taxes and Tactics
Honorable mention:
Detroit Free Press
The Suicide Machine
1996 Byron Acohido
The Seattle Times
Safety at Issue: the 737
1995 Two winners:
Jenni Bergal, Fred Schulte
“The Medicaid HMO Game: Poor Care, Big Profits” (and other related articles)
Chris Adams
The Times-Picayune
Profiteering of Louisiana Medicaid program (continued coverage)
1994 Two winners:
Jeff Brazil
Los Angeles Times
Dangerous Delays at the FAA
Ralph Blumenthal, Douglas Frantz
The New York Times
US Air (series)
Honorable mention:
Tim Heider, Joel Rutchick
Plain Dealer
SAFE Fund Investments
1993 Craig Flournoy, Randy Lee Loftis
The Dallas Morning News
“Race and Risk” (government plans to force thousands of poor black residents to live in a Superfund toxic site)
1992 David Boardman, Susan Gilmore, Eric Nalder, Eric Pryne
The Seattle Times
Sexual harassment investigation of U.S. Senator Brock Adams
1991 Richard Behar
TIME Magazine
Scientology: The Cult of Greed
1990 Keith McKnight, Bob Paynter, Andrew Zajac
Akron Beacon Journal
Secret campaign contributions in Ohio politics
Honorary mention:
Tom Knudson
Sacramento Bee
“Golden Land/Shattered Earth” (reform of 1872 mining law)
1989 Jenni Bergal, Fred Schulte
Ft. Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel
Crisis in Care: How HRS Fails Florida
1988 Bill Dedman
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“The Color of Money: lending practices discriminate against blacks”
1987 Staff and editors
“The Rush to Burn: America’s Garbage Gamble”
1986 Robert Woodward
The Washington Post
Secrecy in Government (Reagan administration)
1985 David Ashenfelter, Laura Berman, Tom Hundley, Larry Kostecke, Michael Wagner
Detroit Free Press
Six-part series questioning Michigan Corrections Department’s practices on prisoner release
1984 Two winners:
Brooks Jackson, David Rogers
The Wall Street Journal;
“Money and Politics”
Chris Collins, John Hanchette
Gannett News Service
“The Vaccine Machine”
1983 Dennis Camire, Mark Rohner, Sharon Johnson
Gannett News Service
Series investigating fraud and mismanagement in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farmers Home Administration (FmHA)
1982 Alan Green, Bill Hogan, Diane Kiesel
The New Republic
“The New Slush Fund Scandal: How congressmen live high on campaign money”
1981 Patrick Oster, Bruce Ingersoll
Chicago Sun-Times
“Defense Dilemmas”
1980 Two winners:
Ralph Soda
Gannett Papers
Series on an attempt by two brothers to corner the world’s silver market
Ted Gup, Jonathan Neumann
The Washington Post
Five-part series exposing how companies bribed federal government officials for lucrative government consulting contracts
1979 John Fialka
Washington Star
Three-part series on U.S. military shortcomings as revealed by a secret military exercise in Europe called “Nifty Nugget”
1978 David Hess
Akron Beacon Journal
A body of work on problems with Firestone’s steel-belted radial tires
1977 Michael J. Sniffen, Richard E. Meyer
The Associated Press
Bert Lance used the same stock as collateral for two different loans
1976 Morton Mintz
The Washington Post
“The Medicine Business” (series): Why pharmaceutical disasters continue to occur
1975 James Risser
The Des Moines Register
Corruption in the grain-exporting business
1974 Maxine Cheshire
The Washington Post
Four-part series on whereabouts of state gifts to U.S. officials and their families from foreign leaders and dignitaries
1973 Jerry Landauer
The Wall Street Journal
Spiro Agnew series
1972 Carl Bernstein, Robert Woodward
The Washington Post
Bugging of Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate
1971 Frank Wright
Minneapolis Tribune
How dairy lobby applied financial weight to secure a favorable decision on price supports; implications in political process
1970 James Clayton
The Washington Post
Series of editorials criticizing President Nixon’s nominee to the Supreme Court, G. Harrold Carswell
1969 Seymour Hersh
Dispatch News Service
My Lai 4 incident (series of four articles)
1968 Special Assignment Team
The Associated Press
Collection of reports on various ways the federal government wasted taxpayers’ money
1967 William Lambert
Senator Edward Long’s Help-Hoffa campaign