Spring 2009

An ‘Open Notebook’ Project About Climate Change

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"Coming to a Political Beat Near You: Policy Wars Over Global Warming"
- Tom Yulsman
When Tom Yulsman set out to write this article, he created an “open notebook” project on the Center for Environmental Journalism online journal at www.cejournal.net/. He called it “the future of the global warming story.” After he’d done an interview—for example, with the Times’s Andrew Revkin—he’d post his notes in the online notebook and then welcome comments. He’d let people know via Twitter and other means that new information had been posted.

As he wrote in a message explaining his intent to potential visitors, “What I have in mind for CEJournal is an ‘open notebook’ project in which I will share some of my reporting as I go along. I hope to include both text summaries of my interviews and background reporting, along with podcasts, pictures and, if possible, video.”

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