Topic: Medical Reporting

Impossible to Ignore: A Mental Health Crisis Changes a Community and a Reporter’s Focus
‘Only after several months of covering these issues am I beginning to understand the scope and dimensions of the crisis.’
By Joshua Norman
As Health Care Gaps Grow, Coverage Shrinks
Stories about the have-nots don’t ‘fit into today's paradigm of health news.’
By Trudy Lieberman
Changing the Drumbeat of Typical Health Reporting
At ‘… we are on the lookout for those stories that include unsubstantiated claims made in the course of reporting about health.’
By Gary Schwitzer
Digging Through Data and Discovering a Profitable Handshake
The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team set out to determine why the state’s health care costs are so high and ended up revealing a hidden deal between powerful forces.
By Marcella Bombardieri and Scott Allen
Investigating the Pharmaceutical Industry on a Blog
‘… evidence itself often emerged as the centerpiece, which has a strong impact on the audience when they see for themselves the incriminating paper trail.’
By Ed Silverman
Silenced Words: An Op-ed That Couldn’t Find a Home
By John Abramson, Jim Wright, and Merrill Goozner
A Water Trail of Antibiotics in India
Diving Into Data to Tell Untold Medical Stories
‘The U.S. press seemed to accept as established truth that cholesterol lowering is vital and that statins are the closest thing to wonder drugs. I’m not any smarter than my colleagues, I worried. Maybe I’m just wrong.’
By John Carey
Toppling the ‘Big Three’—Medical Care, Behavior and Genes
‘Unnatural Causes’ mixes reporting of research rarely featured in traditional news coverage with visual storytelling in the hope of sparking a health equity movement.
By Madeline Drexler
An Online Database Reveals Health Hazards
Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s data, The Center for Public Integrity finds reason to be concerned about some pesticides found in familiar products.
By Michael B. Pell
Examining Water Supplies in Search of Pharmaceutical Drugs
‘Secrecy, it turned out, was our biggest enemy, but not for the reasons investigative reporters typically encounter ….’
By Richard T. Pienciak
The Violence Reporting Project:
A New Approach to Covering Crime
By Jane Ellen Stevens
Investigative Reporting on Medical Science: What Does It Take to Break Through the Commercial Spin?
‘… it is almost impossible to get the story right when the fundamentally commercial goals for which the study has been done are covered up with so much industry-sponsored expertise.’
By John Abramson